unikko collection // pf19

unikko means ‘poppy’ in finnish. I chose the name in memory of my paternal finnish grandmother, who was the hardiest woman i knew and, like me, a life-long collector of beautiful things. I also love that the word sounds similar to the english ‘unique’. I draw each flower by hand, cut it out carefully with a jeweler’s saw, and torch-fire the glass enamel to the copper, resulting in a unique poppy every time.

both stem earrings.jpeg
flower comb 2.jpeg
hair comb side.jpeg
flowers removed hoops.jpeg
branch choker and stem earrings.jpeg
branch choker close up.jpeg
short stem earring.jpeg
stem earrings.jpeg
long stem earring.jpeg
poppy hairslide.jpeg
red and blue hairslides.jpeg
unikko poke pin action.jpeg
tongue out.jpeg
poppy poke pin 2.jpeg
photographed by john r owen + sophie kissin

photographed by john r owen + sophie kissin

three necklaces with chains.jpeg