botanica collection // ss19

inspired by the natural motifs and feminine forms of Art Nouveau, the shape of the auspicious calabash gourd, and the rebirth and regrowth we experience every spring.

laying down edit.jpg
abalone pin and garden gourads still.JPG
pins in hand.JPG
sidesweep hair comb.JPG
too sunny.jpg
abalones on rock.JPG
squiggle stick and poke.JPG
nouveau pin minga copy.JPG
plain pin stills.JPG
wildflower window earrings.JPG
messy hair in pearl stick n poke.JPG
blown out still part 1.JPG
redo abalone stick and poke.JPG
garden gourds.JPG
on rock comb in hair.JPG

photographed by john r owen


queen of the rock.JPG