Sophia Rivamonte Kissin began metalsmithing at Carleton College in Northfield, MN, where she studied Art History and Russian. She uses traditional fabrication techniques to create unique accessories using silver, brass, copper, enamel, semiprecious stones, and found objects.

sophie creates a mix of delicate and bold pieces inspired by art, art history, and nature. She is passionate about jewelry, fashion, and art because what you wear, what you choose to surround yourself with, and what you choose to look at everyday communicates who you are to the world and can make you feel good about yourself! She also thinks special pieces make life a little bit sweeter and hopes her jewelry will help you feel and look good.

a native of saint paul, mn, sophie has had the privilege to live in enchanting places all over the world. She recently relocated her home and studio to albuquerque, new mexico. In addition to jewelry making, she loves traveling, learning languages, asian kitsch, thrift shopping, and eating.