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unikko collection//pf19

the all new collection is available now. keep a little bit of summer’s magic with you all year long.

unikko means ‘poppy’ in finnish. I chose the name in memory of my paternal finnish grandmother, who was the hardiest woman i knew and, like me, a life-long collector of beautiful things. I also love that the word sounds similar to the english ‘unique’. I draw each flower by hand, cut it out carefully with a jeweler’s saw, and torch-fire the glass enamel to the copper, resulting in a unique poppy every time.

limited edition pieces

from the botanica collection are almost gone!

literati collection // fw18

Inspired by the literati tradition of chinese ink painting, this collection is a reflection on the power and permanence of nature. like literati painting, this collection is fluid, rich, romantic, and vibrant, but at the same time, contemplative and deeply personal. i hope the pieces in some way resonate with you, the wearer, too.

hayhay collection // ss18

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